Let’s Get Ready To Rumble?

The importance in the everyday road use of fuel injector cleaners is pretty important, but the majority of people don’t even lift a finger about cleaning their engine until it’s too late. Don’t be that guy. Make sure that you get the best fuel injection cleaning additives possible to have a good effect. Otherwise, it is a waste of cash… and we don’t like that as much as you don’t. What is very different about fuel injector cleaning chemicals for big tractors is they simply require heavy duty chemicals because of their much beefier internals. These internals are everything from pistons, to rods, to engine blocks, to piston rings etc. Most of the time, the engines are running race fuel or e85 (commonly used in California), but what really stinks about that is they cause giant build of carbon. By reading stuff like BG 44k Fuel System Cleaner review, you’ll begin to fall in love with the cleaner and will begin to start using it on practically everything.

Further more, if reading reviews is your thing… take a look at the best gasoline injector cleaner guide recommended by experts to see what the fuss is all about. You’ll be glad you did ; – )

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble?”
Lawrenceburg, TN
May 13th
7:00 PM
The Mid-South Pullers Association’s kicks off the 2006 pulling season in Lawrenceburg, TN for a “Rumble at the Crossroads” on Saturday May the 13th.  The Crossroads of Dixie Antique Tractor Club and the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce would like to invite all pullers and fans to a night of pulling excitement.  The “Rumble at the Crossroads” 1-Day (“B” purse) pull will be held at Rotary Park in Lawrenceburg, TN starting at 7:00 sharp. (more…)
Click here for the 2006 Registration Form
Attention all pullers:  Please have your clutch papers with you at all MSPA pulls!!!
Roll Cage Inspections!!!
If you need you cage inspected Lexington is the place you want to be.  Steve Zimmer will be on hand in Lexington, AL this year to inspect roll cages!
June 2, 4:00-6:00pm, Lexington, AL
June 3, 1:00-3:00pm, Lexington, AL
Tapes from the 2015 pulling season are now available…
Click here for more information

HEAVY Duty Performance Tractors and How to Vacuum Them Out

 Todays modern tractors are much like everyday vehicles. They have air conditioning, radio, power steering and practically anything you’d want in them. However, as you would assume they are not for road use. Non the less, cleaning them out with a shop vac should NOT be a problem for a few good reasons. If you use them for any reason except racing, a clean tractor will take you a long way.

By going online and reading best shop vac, you will get a MUCH better understanding of what it really means to have a good shop vac.

For up scale tractors, we recommend using the Vacmaster VBV1210 shop vac. It’s not only ideal for vacuuming out the interior (due to it’s AWESOME suction), but also use it to wash your tractor. So no matter what you are pulling, you are ALL SET!

On top of that, if you need to find the best car vacuum for the money, visit shopvacsource.com.

For MidSouth Pullers, You May Need This:

Radar locators catch signals (X, K, Ka groups) from the wireless transmissions through the utilization of their radar horns. The sort of horns utilized as a part of radar finders are called pyramidal horns, following their shape is similar to that of a pyramid whose sides are flared and assist coordinate the encompassing signs to the inside edge of the horn. These horns use microstrip innovation and the inside edge gives these horns their broadband attributes and in addition giving a contact point to the microstrip. The Best Radar Detectors On The Market, Hands DOWN —>> The Valentine One is exceptional in that it utilizes a double furrowed horn. Additionally, these sorts of horns are directional in nature, which implies that they are balanced and pointed in the proposed heading for greatest gathering.

Going back to 1999 with the arrival of the Escort 7500 Radar and Laser Detector, there have been a few radar horns utilized as a part of radar identifiers. The following are pictures of radar horns starting from most established to current, as they identify with the Escort line of items. There are numerous shared characteristics in the middle of Escort and Beltronics, and consequently, comparative models from Beltronics offer the same horns. See the top radar detectors with GPS, Escort 9500ix is definitely one of those detectors.

Regarding execution levels, the accompanying is a posting of horns evaluated from best to great starting from the top: M3 > S7 > M5 > M4 > M2

The S7 and M4 are generally close regarding execution.


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